Battle of Crooked River

(not accessible by public roads)

Battle at Crooked River

October 25, 1838


    During the Missouri-Mormon War (1838-1839) Captain Samuel Bogart, commander of the Ray County Militia began patrolling the border between Caldwell and Ray County. Bogart’s men twice entered Caldwell County (an illegal act) and attacked several settlements of the Saints, ordering them to leave the state. The Ray County Militia took three Mormon men prisoners, whom, it was reported, they intended to murder that night.

    On hearing this report, Judge Elias Higbee, the first Judge of Ray County, ordered Lieutenant Colonel Hinkle, the highest officer in command at Far West, to send out a company to disperse the Ray County Militia and retake their prisoners. Early on the morning of October 25, 1838, the two militia met at the Crooked River.

    During a brief battle three Mormon Militia were killed including David Patten a member of the Quorum of the Twelve. One Ray County Militia was killed; however, it was reported to Missouri Governor Bogg’s that the Mormon militia had massacred the Ray County Militia, killing between 50 and 60 men. Based on that false report and other reports, Governor Boggs issue the infamous Extermination Order, October 27, 1838.

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