Boy Scouts of America


I have had the opportunity to serve with the Boy Scouts of America for over 30 years. I am currently serving as the Timpanogos District Chair consisting of 11 LDS Stakes in Pleasant Grove and Lindon, Utah. Our District consists of 324 scout units with 4,619 registered scouts and 2,431 registered scout leaders. As a Boy Scout leader, I have had many opportunities to play taps, reveille, assembly, to the colors and the National Anthem (with a b flat coronet) at numerous scouting events. Utah hosted the Winter Olympics during 2002. I was supervising 30 officers from throughout the United States during this event. Unfortunately a Boy Scout was killed during a scouting activity and I was on-scene supervisor. I told the scout troop that I could play taps at the funeral if they wished. The family agreed that would be a fitting memorial to their son. The yellow coat that I am wearing is the official Winter Olympic Police uniform for the 2002 Winter Olympics. A bugle is an excellent way to start the day, assemble the scouts, raise the colors, motivate the scouts and to end the day.

Winter Olympics 2002

Philmont, New Mexico

Les & Barbara Langford

Memorial Day