Far West

2650 N.W. Hwy. D

Far West, Missouri


    Caldwell County in 1836 was a wilderness. By the spring of 1838 the population was more than 5,000 of which more than 4,900 were Latter-day Saints with the greatest concentration at Far West which at this time had 150 houses, 4 dry good stores, 3 groceries, 6 blacksmith shops, a printing establishment, 2 hotels, a large and comfortable school house served also as a church and courthouse.

    On October 31, 1838, the Prophet Joseph Smith and other Saints were arrest 0.8 miles south of the temple site, on the east side of the road. A sign marked The Eminence marks the location. During the following months all the Saints were driven from Missouri. For more information click on Far West & Adam ondi Ahman.pdf

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