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    Read what experts in the field of radar and lidar have said about Understanding Police Traffic RADAR & LIDAR.

    "Understanding Police Traffic RADAR & LIDAR is the only book of its type. It combines accurate technical facts with experience user knowledge. The result is a text that is interesting for the first time reader as well as experienced radar technician."  Richard Young, President, Communications Center, Kustom Signals, Inc. authorized factory warranty and service center, Glendora, California

    "Without a doubt the most easy to understand presentation of the workings and enforcement application of radar and laser on the market. A must for training or anyone who wants an in-depth understanding of this often misunderstood topic."  Carl Fors, President, Speed Measurement Laboratories, Inc., Fort Worth, Texas

    "By far the best, most comprehensive, and accurate publication I have ever seen on the subject of police radar and lidar. It goes far beyond the NHTSA basic training program and should be a must for every police instructor, radar operator, and lidar operator; also great for prosecutors and judges who would take the time to radar it...... The text and illustrations provide thorough, easy to understand explanations, even when dealing with subjects related to math and physics..... The information provided in the book separates ordinary traffic cops from the true law enforcement professional...... The most detailed and best researched book on speed detection I have seen."  Captain Ernest M. Raub, Missouri State Highway Patrol

    "As a Retired Police Chief and Radar Instructor, presently sitting as a Municipal Court Judge and a representative of Stalker Radar, this instructional book is the best I have ever seen or worked with. Not only does it instruct to deep knowledge levels without loosing the student, but also offers the best piece of reference material available. I would recommend it as a permanent part of any Peace Officer, Instructor, Prosecutor, or Judge's library!"  Dennis O. Pirkle, Sales Administration Manager, Stalker Radar, Plano, Texas

    "I have known Les Langford for several years and have read his radar/lidar book, attended his training class and strongly recommend both the book and training class as excellent tools for training radar operators. I have been in the police radar industry for 30 years, working with Kustom Signals, MPH Industries, Stalker Radar, and Chanute Radar Service and this is one of the best training manuals I have ever seen.  Ken McCoy, President, McCoy's LAWLINE, Inc. & Chanute Radar Service, Chanute, Kansas

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Understanding Police Traffic RADAR & LIDAR

(Student Manual)

Understanding Police Traffic RADAR & LIDAR

(Instructor Flashdrive)