Firearms Laws in Utah


63-98-102   Uniform firearm laws

76-10-501   Definitions

76-10-502   When weapon deemed loaded

76-10-503   Restricted persons

76-10-504   Carrying concealed dangerous weapon

76-10-505  Carrying loaded firearm in vehicle or on street

76-10-505.5   Possession of a dangerous weapon on or about school premises

76-10-506   Threatening with or using dangerous weapon in fight or quarrel

76-10-507   Possession of deadly weapon with intent to assault

76-10-508   Discharge of firearm from a vehicle, near a highway, building, or vehicle

76-10-508.1   Felony discharge of a firearm

76-10-509   Possession of dangerous weapon by minor

76-10-509.4   Prohibition of possession of certain weapons by minors

76-10-509.5   Penalties for providing certain weapons to a minor

76-10-509.6   Parent or guardian providing firearm to violent minor

76-10-509.7   Parent or guardian knowing of minor's possession of dangerous weapon

76-10-509.9   Sales of firearms to juveniles

76-10-511   Possession of loaded firearm at residence or on real property authorized

76-10-512   Target concessions, shooting ranges, competitions, and hunting exceptions

76-10-520   Number or mark assigned to pistol or revolver by Department of Public Safety

76-10-521   Unlawful marking of pistol or revolver

76-10-522  Alteration of number or mark on pistol or revolver

76-10-523   Persons exempt from weapons laws

76-10-523.5   Compliance with rules for secure facilities

76-10-524   Purchase of firearms pursuant to federal law

76-10-526   Criminal background check prior to purchase of a firearm

76-10-527   Penalties

76-10-528   Carrying a dangerous weapon while under influence of alcohol or drugs unlawful

76-10-529   Possession of dangerous weapons, firearms, or explosives in airport secure areas prohibited

76-10-530   Trespass with a firearm in a house of worship or private residence