Service to Nation and State


    On March 18, 2017, I wore my USMC dress blues and played taps at the funeral of a USMC Vietnam veteran. The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) was there for the rifle salute. A member of the VFW produced a 1903 Springfield with bayonet and WW2 helmet and stuck it in the ground and placed the helmet on the stock. Thereafter, I began a search for my own 1903 Springfield. I went on and found the perfect rifle. I found a WW1 helmet plus a 1905 Springfield bayonet on eBay. I then found a set of military leggings or spats. Within 3 weeks I had the historic items I needed.

    On April 8, 2017, I played taps at the funeral of a Navy veteran who had also served as a police officer in Utah. Family members requested that I wear my Utah Highway Patrol uniform. Playing taps, the police uniform, plus 1903 Springfield with WW1 helmet and boots were a great addition to paying respects to a military and police veteran for services rendered to the United States of America and to the State of Utah.

Utah Highway Patrol

1972 - 2002