Vintage Police Lights & Sirens


Federal Signals introduce the first rotating red light in 1948 the Federal Beacon Ray Model 17. This light had two white lenses with a red plastic dome. The federal 15a Junior has a single white light with 4 bullseye lenses to magnify the light. The Federal Model 18 has a single red light that vacillates from side to side. The Mars 888 has a single red light that moves in a figure 8 pattern. The Mars DX-40 has a front and rear red light that both vacillate from side to side. This light is the most rare light in my collection. The Federal 174 does not rotate but rather oscillates from side to side. This blue domed light was the light used during the opening of the TV series Hawaii-50. The Federal 175 is also called the “Hill Light.” It has 2 red lights and 2 white lights with a clear glass dome. One of the white lights is angled up and the other down. This light is designed to warn traffic in the event an officer is located at the base of or on top of a hill. The white lights may be operated independent of the red lights. The Federal 176 has 4 white lights with a red glass dome. The Sireno 300 has 2 red lights and 1 white light and a clear glass dome. Again, the white light may be operated independent of the red lights. The Federal Q2B has been in production since the 1950s and is still in production today. The Mars Bullet Model M60 is a small siren with a high pitch sound. The Sterling Model 30 came with and without a front red light. This large siren was known as “Free Rolling.” Once it is started it takes several seconds to wind-down. The Federal WLR has a red light front and rear plus a siren. The lights are operated independent of the siren. This is a 6-volt system that dates to the early 1940s. The Darley Champion siren is also 6-volts, which dates it prior to 1955. The Sterling No. 12 - 6 volt dates to the 1930s.

Light and Siren Videos